Showcase your bathroom with a glass partition

Showcase your bathroom with a glass partition

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    FEBUARY 4, 2023

Aesthetic ways to make your bathroom a timeless luxury. Enhance its beauty with a frameless shower door and glass partition with Orrlee Enterprise
Bathrooms hold a special place in our hearts, Bathrooms are for emerging singers, actors, and brainstormers plus wannabe models. We relax there and enjoy our ‘Me time’. But an ordinary bathroom doesn’t hold that magic. So if you want to uplift your bathroom decor, install bathroom glass partitions as a solution. Giving a facelift for a bathroom always adds elements of modernity, luxury, and elegance. With frameless shower doors, it will look sleek and stylish.

Do you know that modern bathrooms with glass partitions make your bathing room bigger and glass also brightens the room? Well, it does! Designing a bathroom may look like an easy task but there are lots of questions that are left unanswered! For eg. what kind of shower should you use? What kind of elements do you need to implement?

Fret not! In this blog, we are going cover all the points where you’ll get to know what kinds of doors, showers, and elements will suit your bathroom enhancing its beauty.

Instate Unique Shaped Glass Doors

While bathroom designing or remodeling with glass doors, you will need to finalize the style you want. Remember, you don’t have to stick with traditionality, make it an experiment, and you can design as per your space and style. For example, using frameless shower doors. We at Orrlee Enterprise supply the best bathroom glass partition in Mumbai. We do have differently shaped glass doors.


Neo Angle Shower Doors

Neo Angle shower doors have slightly curved edges. This means this glass shower door has its front corner slightly off. This innovative and uniquely designed door reduces floor space consumption and gives a stylish look to your powder room. These may come in different styles, varieties, and sizes. Using this design could be great for adding a modern touch to the comfort of our privacy. These angled shower doors also looked like diamonds from distance. This shower enclosure has 3 glass sides and 2 wall dividers. Such construction gives the case a beautiful diamond shape and upgrades the bathroom to modern standards.


Alcove Shower Door

These showers are generally enclosed between two to three surrounding walls. It has basically a rectangular design. It is good for small bathrooms and bathrooms with larger spaces.

It’s useful to know the definitions of alcove showers, but the actual place you’re looking for inputs is where you use them. These showers work better with shower drapes. As they are rectangular in shape to close the end of these shower doors you need drapes or curtains. But you might not want to invest in them as the curtains need constant replacement.

Curved Glass Shower Door

As the name suggests, it has curved glass enclosures. A curved shower door fits a rounded shower tray or flushes with a tiled floor. The curved glass cover and track-guided bypass door make it ideal for corner shower enclosures.

These are beneficial for small bathrooms and provide a look for more space. Also, it makes opening and closing easier so you don’t need to squeeze through the doors.

It has no sharp corners or angles so curved glass shower doors are convenient to clean too. Curved shower doors are much easier to clean than other types of doors because you don’t have to dig between cracks to get to dirt and debris.

Frameless Shower Door

Here comes the main hero in the world of aesthetic doors! Frameless glass doors are more eye-pleasing than any other framed doors. It has the caliber to show off as an intricate work in your bathroom, or if you want to blend your bathroom elements frameless glass doors would be a great option for your bathroom record.
It can also be used to make a room feel more open, instead of shrinking a small space the size of a shower stall.
However, keep in mind that frameless glass doors require thicker glass for stability, which can be a little bit expensive – at least twice the cost of glass for a framed bathroom door. But with Orrlee Enterprise we give you the best deals on the frameless glass doors

Install Bathroom Glass Partitions With Orrlee Enterprise

Searching for the best installers and dealers for glass doors? We got you covered! Orrlee Enterprise offers the best bathroom glass partition in Mumbai. We have expert manpower and organizers for the installation process. The reputation of Orrlee Enterprise is indisputable, having earned a solid standing through providing excellent services and performance. We are highly regarded both domestically, with people from various cities and states, and internationally.