Home Lighting Guideline: Living Room Lights Aesthetics

Home Lighting Guideline: Living Room Lights Aesthetics

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    MAY 23, 2023

The living room area must be well-lit throughout the day and night as we spend more time in the living room and do various activities. This is Orrlee Enterprises‘ take on home lighting guidelines. Read the entire article to know more.

Living rooms are the space where we generally spend most of our time. We watch TV; sometimes we eat there together, and the most crucial part is that we host our guests there. The living rooms have a generally large area, so it could be problematic if it’s not properly lit. Orrlee Enterprise will take that burden off your shoulders as we provide the best lights for living room in Thane.

A well-lighted home should have systematic lighting that will brighten all corners of the house, balances nature’s light during the day, and gives a soothing effect during the night without losing the ambiance of your home.

To light up the room for different moods and purposes, it can incorporate a combination of ambient, accent, and table lightings, such as chandeliers, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, hidden lighting, and even candlelight. We will help you find the best lights that suit your taste and home aesthetics to get the best chandeliers in Thane.

A fact check: Good lighting will always make your room LOOK better, but great lighting set-ups will make you FEEL better.

Placing chandeliers in living room is always a good option everyone should opt for. While interior designers think about lighting arrangements of the house through a professional point of view, they also perceptualize your feelings and emotions and how lighting will affect you throughout the day.


Built-in lighting may be found throughout your house or apartment. For instance, overhead lights in the bedroom, recessed ceiling lights in the living room, LED under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, wall lamps mounted over the bathroom sink vanity, and chandeliers for dining table. Built-in lights shouldn’t be the only source of light exposure in a space; the quality of the light they provide may be altered by the bulb you choose or by utilizing a dimmer switch.

Just because you love having an aesthetically lit room doesn’t mean you should place flashy and tacky lights all over the rooms. For the living room, you can set chandeliers with fan to optimize the space and simultaneously set a good amount of lights. Now, we will know more about home lighting lamps that look and feel good.


Chandeliers for home are the best for creating beautiful illumination of the light. It usually hangs on the ceiling with the support of chains, wires, and fixtures, and all these installments give it a floating look. It was accommodated with candles and oil lamps earlier, but now it has bulb installation. Orrlee offers traditional to modern chandeliers in Thane.
To define the space, you can hang chandeliers in bedrooms, sink vanities, dining rooms, or kitchen islands.

Table Lamps

They are making tables more attractive and functional. Table lamps have different varieties that are available in the market, and all of them are made to sit on the flat surface of tables. Tables in the hallway, living rooms, and verandas are generally ignored, but they can be an extra layer to lighting up the corners of a home.

Table lamps come in a variety of designs, such as traditional, modern, and industrial. A table lamp’s ability to create high-quality light depends on various elements, such as the choice of lampshade and bulb, the lamp’s height, and whether or not it has a dimmer.

Work-Desk Lamps

These ones are made explicitly for work areas. People who spend most of their working hours in front of a computer screen might be tempted to use a table lamp to light up their workstations. However, if you use your work desks for other activities like analyzing papers, writing, or doing hand-drawn sketches, having a desk lamp with an adjustable lighting structure can boost your productivity and shield your vision. Desk lamps often include an adjustable head to aim the light where you need it to brighten your workspace. Architect-style lights are famous for their practicality and stylish industrial look. Depending on your choice, you may also discover desk lights in historical or modern minimalist forms.

Torchiere, Aka Floor Lamps

They are generally used to light up sitting areas or floors of homes. Torchiere or floor lamps are basically standing lamps that come in several styles, designs, and shapes, so it could be easier to adapt types of rooms. Large areas like the living room or an open-plan apartment are best suited for more significant designs like arc lights, column lamps, tripod lamps, or big floor lamps. Torchieres or floor lamps also have the benefit of providing general lighting. The structure of floor lamps is made to send light toward the ceiling, reflecting and filling the space with a pleasant broad light.